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Research: Cyber-physical systems security and trustworthy AI, Advisor: Saman Zonouz

Lab details: CPSec: Cyber-Physical Systems Security Lab

TIGs: Computer Systems and Software, Systems and Controls
Seeking: MS students, PhD Students, 3 positions
Application Due January 1, 2024 to

Research keywords: cybersecurity, software security and reverse engineering, cyber-physical systems, trustworthy AI


At the CPSec lab, we have one open PostDoc, one open Ph.D. position, and 2 open M.S. positions to work on the security of cyber-physical systems that include robotics/drones/IoT, manufacturing as well as trustworthy AI.

Attachments: CPSec-logo-cecece.jpg
Entry Created: December 7, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Research: Efficient Deep Learning Algorithm and Accelerator Design, Advisor: Yingyan (Celine) Lin

Lab details: EIC Lab

TIGs: Computer Systems and Software, VLSI Systems and Digital Design
Seeking: Undergraduate Students, MS students, 10 positions
Application Due May 1, 2024 to

Research keywords: hardware-aware efficient algorithms, algorithm-aware hardware, algorithm-hardware co-design


EIC Lab is actively recruiting algorithm/hardware interns! Our lab is dedicated to advancing efficient machine learning systems towards real-world applications via cross-layer innovations, i.e., developing 1) hardware-aware efficient algorithms, 2) algorithm-aware hardware, and 3) algorithm-hardware co-design. We regularly publish in first-tier machine learning algorithms and hardware conferences, such as ICML/NeurIPS/ICLR, ISCA/MICRO/HPCA, and ICCAD/DAC. If you are interested and believe you are a good fit, please check out our recruitment flyer and scan the attached QR code for more details and application instructions.

Attachments: eic-flyer-algorithm-6e5fb0.pdf, eic-flyer-hardware-e82b51.pdf
Entry Created: February 12, 2023 at 9:52 pm

Research: PDL Undergraduate Research Program a Learning Experience, Advisor: Lukas Graber

Lab details: Plasma and Dielectrics Laboratory

TIGs: Electrical Energy
Seeking: Undergraduate Students, 4 positions
Application Due July 21, 2023 to

Research keywords:


PURPLE provides a research learning experience for Georgia Institute of Technology’s undergraduate students. Students will closely collaborate with the Plasma and Dielectrics Lab’s research team to fulfill project-centered tasks while gaining hands-on research experience and co-authoring publications.
What is needed to apply? To apply you must be a current Ga Tech student, fill out the application form and submit your resume.
When are applications due? All applications must be submitted three weeks prior to the start of the semester for the intended project.
When will acceptance notifications be distributed? All applicants will be contacted two weeks prior to the start of the semester for the intended project.
Is there monetary compensation? Please visit the experience page to learn more about compensation.

Entry Created: June 13, 2023 at 2:38 pm

Research: Leveraging AI to revolutionize traditional domains, particularly engineering education, Advisor: Ying Zhang

Lab details: Sensors and Intelligent Systems Lab

TIGs: Digital Signal Processing, Systems and Controls
Seeking: PhD Students, 1 positions
Application Due May 1, 2024 to

Research keywords:


A Ph.D. position is available in the Sensors and Intelligent Systems Lab, focusing on leveraging AI to revolutionize traditional domains, particularly in the realm of engineering education. The expectations for students who are interested in this position are:


i. High self-motivation and high passion for research

ii. Strong learning ability

iii. A solid foundation in math and machine learning

iv. Fluent in programming with Python

v. Fluent in English (written and spoken)


i. Experience with deep learning and the frameworks (PyTorch/TensorFlow)

ii. Experience with machine learning-related research (deep learning/statistical learning/online learning/reinforcement learning/…)

If you are interested in this position, please contact Dr. Ying Zhang at

Entry Created: August 14, 2023 at 2:27 pm

Research: Anti-jam Spread Spectrum Satellite Communications, Advisor: Gordon Stuber

Lab details: Wireless Systems Laboratory

TIGs: Digital Signal Processing, Telecommunications
Seeking: MS students, 1 positions
Application Due December 15, 2023 to

Research keywords: anti-jam communications, adaptive antennas, error control coding, interference cancellation


An MS thesis position is available in the Wireless Systems Lab, focusing on anti-jam (A/J) communications for military satellite communication systems that use protected tactical waveform (PTW). One important category of A/J exploits the spatial characteristics of the radio environment by using an antenna array at the satellite. Another category of A/J relies on signal processing techniques such as error control coding and interleaving along with jammer state information, baseband interference filtering and interference cancellation. The project will involve mathematical modeling and analysis, and computer simulation, particularly using MATLAB and perhaps C. A half-time GRA is anticipated for the period Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024, during which the student is expected to research the project and complete an MS thesis.

Entry Created: October 5, 2023 at 6:52 pm

Research: AI and Computer Vision for spatial omics data, Advisor: Ahmet Coskun

Lab details: Coskun Lab

TIGs: Bioengineering, Digital Signal Processing
Seeking: PhD Students, 1 positions
Application Due January 31, 2024 to

Research keywords: AI, Spatial Omics


At the Coskun lab, we have one open Ph.D. position to work on computer vision and AI to revolutionize the analysis of spatial omics data acquired in the Lab. The lab generated state-of-the-art spatial omics imaging data tackling various biological problems. The expectations for students who are interested in this position are:

1. High self-motivation and passion for research and more specifically biology and AI
2. Strong learning ability and communication with wet lab members to define hypotheses and communicate computational processes with lab members
3. Strong foundation in computer vision and image processing
4. Fluent in programming with Python

The student will learn from current Ph.D. students on existing ongoing projects and rapidly start working on independent projects.
If you are interested in this position, please contact Thomas Hu at and cc Dr. Coskun at

Entry Created: October 24, 2023 at 2:44 am

Research: EM Modeling of Low Observable Targets, Advisor: Andrew Peterson

TIGs: Electromagnetics
Seeking: MS students, 1 positions
Application Due December 4, 2023 to

Research keywords:


I have an available 33% GRA position for Spring 2024, with possibility of renewal. This position requires US citizenship. The work involves data analysis and MATLAB programming for electromagnetic field analysis, but relatively little background is needed. Contact Prof. A. F. Peterson ( for additional details.

Entry Created: October 27, 2023 at 1:41 pm

Research: Development of a reconfigurable electronics for intrasvascular ultrasound imaging, Advisor: Brooks Lindsey

Lab details: Ultrasonic Imaging and Instrumentation

TIGs: Bioengineering, Electronic Design & Applications
Seeking: MS students, 1 positions
Application Due February 1, 2024 to

Research keywords:


This project aims to implement and evaluate an FPGA-based high-frequency intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) pulser-receiver system for forward-viewing intravascular ultrasound imaging. The proposed system will consist of a computer to control the excitation and reception parameters using Matlab, a DE2-115 Development FPGA board (Terasic Inc., Taiwan), and a custom, proprietary board with the pulser HV7631 (Microchip Technology Inc., USA) and a 12-bit 105 MSPS ADC ADS6124 (Texas Instruments Inc., USA).

-Review circuit schematics for PCB design
-Write code for FPGA (Intel) using the Quartus software
-Develop software for Nios II processor using C language
-Develop MATLAB-based graphical user interfaces (GUI) to control the TX/RX parameters

-Strong interest in developing circuits and systems for medical applications
-Experience in FPGA development

Entry Created: November 28, 2023 at 1:52 pm